EXTREME & DANGEROUS HEATWAVE Shatters France National MAX Temperature Record!

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Paris, France-A DEADLY & DANGEROUS week long heatwave is sweeping across Europe at the moment, with temperatures soaring well into the 40c+ range with some places touching just over 45c+ in parts of Southern France and NE Spain, which is just extrodinary and dangerous as FRANCE sets a ALL-TIME NEW MAXIMUM TEMPRATURE RECORD AND SEE’S IT’S FIRST OFFICIAL DAY OVER 45c+ since records began.

Records Shattered and Oblitarated in FRANCE as first 45+c day OFFICALLY recorded in France since records began.

Yesterday France felt the burn as temperatures soared for the 2nd/3rd day of what is been discribed as a week long Intense/record-breaking heatwave across much of Europe in particular France. This heatwave has seen temperatures over the last few days rapidly rise to the high 30’s to low 40’s. While today temperatures rose even higher into the mid to high 40’s which has never been seen in France before today! Well not officially anyway! The Southern parts of France were on RED ALERT due to the intense heat and we now know why. As an OFFICIAL Recording of 45.9c temperature was recorded in provinence 30 in Gallargues-Le-Montueux. This not only shattered the previous record, it litrally obliterated it by a whopping 2c. The previous national temperature record was 44.1c in a town called Conqueyrac also in provinence 30 back on August 12th 2003. This new record didn’t only break the national record in France since 2003, but saw an OFFICIAL RECORD set for the FIRST TIME EVER since records began in France for the first temp ever of 45+c been recorded in HISTORY!

Meteo France OFFICIAL RECORD Media Banner confirming the NEW NATIONAL RECORD of 45.9c set on Friday in Provinence 30. Image Source: Meteo France.


Further Records Tumble at other stations around France, while Minimum Temperature records also fall, as the country fails to fall below 20c overnight on Friday Everning, with some places failing to fall below 25c.

The records would not just stop at a NATIONAL RECORD but plenty of stations in several provinces in France would break thier record during the day on Friday and Overnight on Friday Night with Minimum temperatures not falling across the country below 20c, with some places not falling below 25c. Which were extrodinary as the heatwave continued. Some of thoes observations are as listed below:

Maximum Temperature RECORDS Set/Broken:

  • 45,9 ° C in Gallargues-le-Montueux (30)
  • 45,4 ° C in Villevieille (30)
  • 45,1 ° C in Marsillargues (34) 
  • 44,6 ° C in Saint-Chamas (13)
  • 44.5 ° C at Varages (83)
  • 44.4 ° C at Nîmes-Courbessac (30) , beating by far its old historic absolute record (41.6 ° C on August 4, 2017 and August 9, 1923).
  • 44,4 ° C in Peyrolles-en-Provence (13)
  • 44.3 ° C at Moules-et-Baucels (34) 
  • 44.3 ° C in Vinon-sur-Verdon (83)
  • 44.3 ° C in Carpentras (84)
  • 44,3 ° C in Istres (13)
  • 44.3 ° C at Moules-et-Baucels (34)

Minimum Temperatures Broken:

  • 23.8 ° C at Bourges (18) (station opened in 1945), beating the 22.7 ° C of 07/08/2003;
  • 24.7 ° C in Nantes (44) (open station in 1945), beating the 23.8 ° C of 09/08/2003;
  • 23.1 ° C at Poitiers (86) (station opened in 1921), beating the 23 ° C of 11/08/1933;
  • 26.1 ° C at Le Luc (83) (open station in 1946), beating 24.8 ° C on 28/07/1947;
  • 21.8 ° C at Embrun (05) (station opened in 1947), beating the 21.7 ° C of 19/06/2013;
  • 23.3 ° C at St Auban (06) (station opened in 1954), beating the 22.2 ° C of 16/08/1987.
Map of Maximum Temperatures across parts of Southern France between 2-4pm local time. Bright white area shows the most extreme area of heat and temperature. Image Source:


NE Spain wildfires sparked by Intense and Extreme Heat

While France might have been the talking point of all the records that were set/broken, the wildfires were also the talking point in NE Spain where wildfires have started due to the intense and extreme heat. These fires saw at least 50 people having to evacuate thier homes as flames were driven by the intense and extreme heat and low humidity. No Homes have been lost at this stage.

The Sahara Dessert Winds blamed for the RECORD BREAKING Temperatures in Southern France.

The Meteo France released in thier media article that the record breaking temperatures were due to Sahara winds from the dessert been pushed up into parts of Southern France. Which may explain why it was a VERY RARE day when temperatures reached extreme, intense and dangerous levels as they rised into the mid to high 40’s. Below is a extract form Meteo France media release:

“In this flow of the southern Sahara, many cities in France experienced exceptional temperatures on Friday”.


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