Tropical Cyclone WATCH issued for SE QLD and Far NE NSW for TC OMA for Tropical Storm Force/Strong Gale Force Winds as TC OMA continues SW track towards the SE QLD Coast.

BRISBANE, AUS-A Tropical Cyclone WATCH has been issued for people between Bundaberg and Ballina in far NE NSW for Strong Gale Force winds ahead of the approaching TC OMA (Category 2). Winds of 34kt are already occurring along the coast of the Wide Bay and Burnett District and SE QLD with Double Point Island and Moreton Isalnd (Located on North Stradbroke Island). While winds of 50-55kt occurring in the cyclone itself. These winds are likely to pick up over the coming 24-48hrs.

Along with this threat of strong gale force winds is also a threat of abnoramlly high tides and dangerous surf as waves of long periods and significant height where automatic bouys in the ocean along the Queensland coast have already recorded waves as high as 6m and these will increase despite the significant wave heights only been around 3m. But over the coming days we also expect to see these increase along portions of the Queensland Coast as TC OMA approaches with Significant Wave Heights of up to 6-7m on Saturday offshore with potential of 9m+ closer to the core of TC OMA. As with any significant waves we recommend people stay away from the beaches and check relevant websites as most beaches are CLOSED due to the dangerous surf. Abnormally high tides will also cause possible coastal flooding of low lying areas and significant beach erosion. So if in these areas pay close attention to your local authorities and the warnings issued by the BoM.

Apart from the threats the track or potential for landfall is still to hard to predict and has been for the last week. At this stage what we can say is that TC OMA will continue in a SW direction over the coming 48 hrs before she starts to turn NW due to a strengthing ridge that will build up over Southern Australia and then move NE into NSW and make it’s way to NE NSW forcing the cyclone to move NW parallel off the QLD Coast. In saying that there is a limited chance that the weakening TC OMA may be able to restrengthen for 12 hours in the coming 36-48hr window. Therefore she could rapidly intensify into a high-end Cat 2 or Cat 3 System just off the SE QLD Coast.

This is still a DEVELOPING STORY and more will be added. We have added our LIVE Threat Map below so you can follow our LIVE Updates below.

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