UPDATED: Wednesday 14th April 2021

Extreme Weather Forecasting alongside the official government agencies both states and federally take this public health emergency seriously. For the safety of our team, yourself, our families and friends and in general the winder public community here is the latest we are doing so we can continue to operate and serve the wider community with out compromising the health & safety of the wider general public.


All bookings/appointments will be done online via Zoom. In the event they are not able to be done other then in-person these will be POSTPONED until at least November 2020. However in saying this, we will continue to closely and actively monitor the situation and will be in contact to reschedule a time with you when we can continue to do physical face to face appointments presuming it is SAFE to do so and will conduct these at a time we have scheduled with you. In the event it is NOT SAFE to do so we will work with those on a case-by-case basis to reschedule your appointments to then conduct them when it is safe to do so.


All our planned events have been POSTPONED until further notice and will be looked into if they can be run remotely or online and if not, we will work with those to reschedule these events where possible to either later this year or when the situation let’s us.

Storm Research:

Based on the state government of Victoria’s announcement earlier today we have had no choice but to “FULLY SUSPEND” all storm related research that requires us on the road for the next six weeks or until further notice. As storm chasing is not considered essential, but damage assessments and research are in the line of our business and operations we may still try and apply for permits/exemptions for the later activities. As stated above and due to boarder closure from all states to Victorians we have also decided that all storm chasing operations interstate to be “FULLY SUSPENDED”. At this stage based on the available information we have to hand we have decided all storm research will therefore IMMEDIATELY CEASE and be “FULLY SUSPENDED in Victoria and interstate until at least Sunday November 8th, 2020. From November 8th, 2020 all storm research including chasing will resume in a COVIDSafe normal. With INTERSTATE TRIPS PARTIALLY/FULLY SUSPENDED until further announcements. We will therefore have further information and updates in due course and once more information comes to hand on what restrictions might be relaxed from the Victorian State Government and other state goverments as part of the road back to a COVIDSafe Australia will share here. Plus in line with other information from the federal governments. So in the interest of the laws of each state and furthermore in the interest of the wider health concerns of the general public we will continue to remain in a “FULLY SUSPENDED” state in terms of storm research until at least Sunday 8th November, 2020.

We hope that as early as November 2020 some services may be able to return slowly to normal.

Apart from that all other services which can be offered online will continue to operate as normal and unaffected.

If you have any questions or concerns you can contact us on 0479035744 or info@extremeweatherforecasting.com


Extreme Weather Forecasting.