Women’s Santos Tour Down Under Forecast January 10th-13th 2019.

ADELAIDE, AUS-A new year and a new season of Cycling down under in Australia. The First Major event is the Women’s Santos Tour Down Under which will be contested by riders from around the world over 4 stages and 4 days. So with Stage 1 tomorrow and all pre-race interviews done and dusted let’s get to the forecast for day 1 and stage 1.

The Forecast for Day 1, Stage 1 is a High Pressure System will dominate for most of the day south of the state with a start temp of 17c at 10:00am when the race is officially set to get under way, and by the time the stage winner crosses the line in Birdwood 3 hours later the temp will only be 8c warmer around 25c with a partly to mostly cloudy day with light to mild easterly winds likely throughout the 3-hour stage to kick off the the tour through the Mount Barker district.

Day 2, Stage 2: At this stage looks to be a VERY HOT DAY and might be a challenge for some riders as increasing northerly winds and gusty at times will see temps rise into the mid 30’s with a top of 38c likely. So while it only another 3-hour stage by the time the start of the stage commences at 10am it will be around 28c nearly 10c warmer then the start of stage 1 the day before and when the winner crosses the line it will be near 35c. Making it about 10c higher throughout the day higher then Thursday for stage 1. The conditions will be a challenge as a Moderate to light N/NE winds and little cloud will see the sun for the majority of the day all ahead of a low pressure trough approaching from the west.

Day 3, Stage 3: Looks to be similar to Day 1, Stage 1 and looks to see temps starting around the 21c mark before remaining around that mark for most of the 3-hour stage. This will come as a reprieve to most riders as a moderate S/SE blows on the other side of a low pressure trough.

Day 4, Final Stage 4: The Final Stage of the Women’s Santos Tour Down Under will see the riders start in the Adelaide CBD. Riding around Rymill Park for an hour and will see temps around 24c. Little cloud and a fresh SE/S throughout the afternoon, which will likely see max temps capped around 30c, with some possible cloud building in the SW. Apart from that this will round out the Women’s Santos Tour Down Under in the streets of Adelaide.

We wish all competitors well and good luck!

This article may be updated if needed and information given is subject to change.

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